We offer both opportunities to invest in profitable properties well as co-investment partnerships for ownership and development. There are attractive investment opportunities in housing, offices, retail, logistics and warehouses, care facilities and infrastructure, among others.

Opportunities to invest in profitable properties

Maria HK provides opportunities to invest in completed, profitable buildings and properties. The details of the investment opportunity and its contents are defined and agreed on a case-by-case basis. An example is a full-service model of a property with set yield levels, where YIT develops, rents out and constructs a property ready for investment. We provide you with:

  • A property with tenants
  • Competitive profits – low risk, good returns
  • Technical and commercial property management services
  • Other service packages for investors and tenants

The property is developed and built according to the needs of building users and its end users. The rental cash flow is strong, and the building is energy efficient and adheres to high standards of construction and strict environmental requirements.

Co-investment partnership for ownership and development

We offer opportunities for joint development of projects and joint long-term ownership. Project targets and plans are agreed on a case-by-case basis with the partner(s). In co-investment partnership

  • We develop, lease and construct the property or a portfolio of property projects
  • Partners have the opportunity to influence the project and its development
  • Development profits from the construction business are shared between the partners

In the Co-investment model, we agree on a long-term development and ownership plan with our partners. Target investment can be a business premises project, infra project or residential portfolio. 

The exit plan will be created together with partners, considering the value creation of the area and the project. At YIT, these projects belong to the Partnership properties segment that began operatio

Strong expertise in project development

We engage in long-term cooperation with property owners and investors. With our strong expertise, we are the partner of choice for developing and upgrading properties of all sizes according to the needs of the users, end customers and markets. We are experts at:

  • Leasing and finding users for properties
  • Land use planning, zoning and construction management
  • Construction and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the building
  • Financing arrangements, investor partnerships and structuring
  • Contract law, including building service and commercial management contracts
    We also welcome the opportunity to discuss collaboration and purchase options with respect to available plots, land areas and older properties.