We can help guide you on how to achieve your goals. Many are too busy to research all the options available. Let us make your life easier by inviting you to have a full financial planning review. We aim to provide you with bespoke financial solutions that suit your needs. Our goal is to meet your financial needs and aim to maximize your wealth.

We can offer you:

  • Seven Steps to begin
  • Investments advise and give Opportunity
  • Retirement solutions
  • Invest Money for Stock market in Hong Kong
  • Invest money for Gold Silver oil market
  • Sri Lanka /Japan/Hong Kong/Australia Real Estate
  • Want 100% healthcare insurance?
  • Estate planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Help to identify any tax efficiencies that may apply
  • Quick Market Overview

graphinvestment solutions

Your investment choices;

Is your priority to grow your wealth, to protect your initial capital, or to receive a regular income from your investment? Are you looking to invest a lump sum or make regular monthly payments?

We provide offshore investments designed to meet each of these requirements. However, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. Our Investment Wealth Managers could help you choose solutions from various providers.

Looking for capital security?

You’ve always been interested in investing – but are a little worried you may lose your money.

Capital protected investments are designed to offer:

A good introduction to the world of investing
Growth potential with returns linked to the performance of a choice of stock market indices
Security knowing that your capital is protected at the end of the investment term
Although your capital is protected at the end of the investment term, it is not guaranteed.
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Looking for Capital Growth?

Investing for growth offers higher potential growth in return for higher risk.

One way to minimise your risk exposure is by investing in funds. Banner can advise you on how to gain access to the growth potential of global stock markets, and of the world’s leading funds and fund management companies.

Our International Wealth Managers also recommend a wide range of funds from third party providers. You can invest in funds specializing in single countries (egg. China), continents (e.g. Europe) and particular sectors (e.g. technology).

Need Income?

Are you looking for an investment that can provide an additional source of income? This income could be used to supplement your pension, or to help pay for your child’s education.

Income funds could be the investment solution you’re looking for. They aim to provide medium to long-term growth through a mix of income and capital appreciation. Income funds are generally considered to be a low to medium risk.

We advise on a range of investments with differing risk profiles designed to, generate a regular income, maintain the value of your capital

Build up your investments month by month?

Investing would be simple if you could pick the right time to buy and sell.

Monthly investment plans allow you set aside a regular amount each month (rather than investing a lump sum).

Don’t know when to time the market? No need to worry when you’re investing monthly

Investing on a regular basis can iron out stock market fluctuations and can help you to avoid investing all of your money when the market is at its peak. Saving regularly enables you to buy more shares when the market and prices are low and less when the market and prices are high. Over time the cost of your units will even out and it is likely that you will end up paying below average prices for your units. This is known as cost averaging.

Accept the fact that even small amounts saved regularly produce results through the magic of compound interest. And for those skeptics, dollar-cost-averaging actually works, because when stock markets and prices fall you can buy more with the same amount of money. When markets go up again, the value of your investments will jump while you will buy less. Over time you therefore get an average price, and you don’t have to worry about timing the markets. If you are still a skeptic we would be happy to show you some ‘live’ examples of savings plans that some of our clients started just around the time Lehman Brothers went bust.
Bear in mind however that in a rising market you could pay above average prices for your units, and if you decided to invest on a regular basis rather than making a lump sum investment at the start of a period of increasing unit prices, the capital you have not yet invested will not participate in investment growth.