Maria sand opening ceramany

Sea Sand purification project opening ceremony  on 2nd Spe.2016

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Sea Sand Purification Project- Signing commercial agreemnet

Signing Commercial agreement  with Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation a body Corporate established under the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation Act No. 15 of 1968 as amended by Law No. 27 of 1976,  Act No. 52 of 1982 and 35 of 2006 a in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for Sea Sand Purification Project

TOTAL INVESTMENT USD 2.00 Million In 1st Stage

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Meeting with Naseer Ahamed (Eng) Chief Minister Eastern Province- Sri Lanka

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we had a meeting with Chief Minister Eastern Province Sri Lanka Mr. Naseer Ahamed (Eng) for the improve and develop drinking water in the area

Attend  meeting Chairman / Directors of  Shenzhen Water Group / China Power / Shenzhen Jing he / Maria United HK Pvt Ltd  and they are Sri Lanka  Office director